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About Kristen & Katrina

Kristen and Katrina came together with a common admiration of each other’s dedicated work effort and desire to be the best they could be in their industries.  While each has their own individual strengths that are viable to any wellness business, their combined efforts bring a unique and global perspective to the day-to-operations of organizations seeking to grow their businesses while inspiring customers to become the best versions of themselves.



Certified MindBody Consultant

As the owner of It’s Working Out in Cincinnati, Kristen has welcomed the opportunity to combine her business and fitness backgrounds.  After graduating from the University of Notre Dame and spending six successful years in medical sales, Kristen followed her passion and began her personal training business in 1998.  She opened It’s Working Out TRX studio in 2011 and It’s Working Out Rowing & Training in 2015.  Kristen has utilized her business knowledge to create three complementary and extremely successful studios, that exceed industry standard profit margins by double digits. Kristen started business consulting to help others achieve their business goals and teach them the keys to wellness business success.  She looks forward to discussing challenges you face with revenue, attendance, sales, marketing, payroll, retention or operations and helping find solutions that best FIT your business!

Please email kristen@itsworkingout.com to schedule



Katrina is the owner of Brown Dog Yoga and Tailwind Indoor Cycling in Huntington, West Virginia. She has been a group fitness instructor for almost 30 years and a certified personal trainer for 10 years. Katrina graduated from Vanderbilt Law School and holds a master’s degree in business, although fitness has always been a key component in her life. Like Kristen, she left the corporate world to pursue her passion, and started PTK Fitness, a personal training studio in 2007. She became a certified yoga instructor in 2008 and opened Brown Dog Yoga, a yoga and barre fitness studio, in 2013.  She founded Tailwind Indoor Cycling in May 2016 and began providing business consultation services to those in the fitness industry shortly thereafter.  She has successfully grown her studios by 66% each year she has been in business.  Katrina combines her love of fitness, creative writing, retail sales, and legal expertise to help other businesses fulfill their vision and achieve their goals.  

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